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School D​irector - Tina Persaud

Tina Persaud is the director of Young World of Learning.  Tina is responsible for the   overall operations of the school and the  curriculum . She hold s a Mas te rs Deg ree  i n E d uc a tion   from Chapman University. 

Tina began teaching young children 40 plus years ago, applying her experience as a Child Evangelism graduate. 

In September of 1980 Tina opened her first school on Redwood Road in Napa. She incorporated the Bible into the curriculum at that time.

Children are her passion and she loves working with them in a variety of settings.  She loves her job and feels fortunate to work with  parents in helping to shape their children's futuresShe feels that kids are wonderful and very much enjoys forming relationships with both them and their parents. Tina believes it has been such a blessing to be able to have a positive impact on children's lives and looks  forward to continuing  be involved in educating children for a long time to come!


TEACHER - Mrs. Veronica

Mrs. Veronica has worked in Early Childhood Education for over 12 years. She currently has 16 units in Early Childcare Development and she looks forward to continuing with this education. Veronica loves preschool aged children and enjoys helping them to explore, learn and have fun as they mature through the various stages of their development. From a young age, she has aspired to be a teacher in a Christian preschool. Veronica believes that God has answered her prayers in giving her the opportunity to work with children at Young World of Learning. 

She was born and raised in Napa and believes that there is a need for more Christian based preschools in our community. Her and her husband have been married for almost 3 years now and look forward to God blessing them with children of their own someday soon.


TEACHER - Mrs. Dee

Mrs. Dee is a native of Napa, who loves working with and caring for children. For many years now, she has felt a calling to be involved in educating young minds. Mrs. Dee brings her experience of raising her own children in a loving and nurturing home to the Young World of Learning.  Mrs. Dee has also been a custodial care provider for several young children resulting from a guardianship assignment through the Napa Court system.   She was tasked with the responsibility of rehabilitating these children in her supportive home environment so that the children to rejoin their families. 

Young World of Learning's Christian based preschool education has been an both motivational and inspirational in providing her the opportunity to be a part of a safe, nurturing educational environment.  Through this experience, she is excited about someday being able to operate her own preschool along with here daughter.  


TEACHER - Miss Debbie

Miss Debbie has worked for a number of schools and childcare centers during her career as an early childhood teacher and teacher's aid. She works in the TK department of Young World and enjoys working with the children each and every day. Miss Debbie gets a great deal of joy working to meet the specific needs of each child and watching them learn and grow.


TEACHER - Miss Peggy

Miss Peggy has had the pleasure and privelege of being a director and teacher in the Early Childhood field for over 40 years. She believes that her strength lies in curriculum development and lesson planning to meet the specific needs of children. She enjoys creating a warm and friendly environment in which children can thrive and find pleasure in learning.


TEACHER -  Miss Deborah

Miss Deborah has completed several units of Early Childhood Development education.  She is a grandmother to a boy and a girl and brings her own personal experience with her children and grandchildren to her position at Young World of Learning.

Miss Deborah is very artistic and very much enjoys providing children the opportunity experience arts and crafts.  She is a published author, who also enjoys the outdoors and feels truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with children at the Young World of Learning 

Young World of Learning

3765 Oxford Street, Napa, CA

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