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Our Philosophy

COGNITIVE GOALS - Our program is based on the belief that children learn at their own rate. Therefore, the educational philosophy that we adhere to is based on meeting the developmental needs of each child individually.  We emphasize the knowledge of colors, shapes, pre-reading skills (we primarily use the itl-program), pre-math skills through the use of games, puzzles, stories, worksheets, art experiences, and block building exercises.

PHYSICAL GOALS- We seek to have a warm, cheerful environment that is safe and interesting to children.  We develop independence and responsibility through promoting learning centers in each area of education.  And, we promote motor skill development in the children by providing weekly perceptual motor activities.

EMOTIONAL GOALS - We seek to help each child to learn to understand and trust his/her environment and the people in it. We are also alert to meeting the individual emotional needs of each child.

MORAL AND SPIRITUAL GOALS - Our goal is to bring each child to an understanding of his/her spiritual capacity and to meet this need in the child with the help of God.  To accomplish this we use visualized Bible stories, songs, games and Bible memorization.

SOCIAL - We will help the children to interact and socialize with other children and to create in the child an understanding of peaceful interaction in society.  In this context our staff encourages and supports children in building competence within their "zone of proximal development"  ( Vigotsky 1978) - so that they can take an intellectual or social step that would be just beyond their reach without help.


We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.

We believe that the Holy Bible is God's inerrant Word.

We believe God loves, cares for and is concerned for all children.

Young World of Learning

3765 Oxford Street, Napa, CA

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