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Welcome to Young World of Learning!

Our school is licensed for children aged two years through entry into First Grade. We also accept children up to twelve years of age for After School Care. 

We are open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


      Preschool - A learning program which will meet your child's academic needs.  It will promote growth in all areas of student development.  The level of progress of your child will be assessed by facility staff at the end of the program for Kindergarten readiness.

     Kindergarten/First Grade - An experienced K-6 teacher is on staff.  We use curriculum from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to accomplish your child's goals.  Stanford Avievment testing is used for the school at the end of the school year.

      Before and After School Extended Care- Supervision, care and activities for school age children.

ALL require forms must be filled out and returned no later than the first day your child attends our school and MUST include a complete immunization record.


Any rate changes in program and/or administration, including rate changes, will be given by way of a one month advance written notice and shall be dated and signed by the parent/guardian of the child.

There will be no refunds once the child has been enrolled in our school.  Parents may terminate attendance of their child in our school by giving TWO WEEKS NOTICE.

A yearly enrollment fee of $75.00 is required. This money is used for school supplies and insurance for your child.

One child attending five days per week---------- $41.00 per day

One child attending less than five days per week-------$46.00 per day

(Please refer to Child Care Fees Schedule enclosed in the enrollment package for other options.)

The hourly rate is $8.50 per hour

PRESCHOOL FEES ( 8:30 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.)

$275.00 for 1 day per week (monthly)

$385.00 for 2 days per week (monthly)

$525.00 for 3 days per week (monthly)

$600.00 for 5 days per week (monthly)


A $75.00 late fee will be charged if your account is not cleared by the end of each month.  In addition, we do not extend credit for your account.  Vacation, sick days, no-show days and holidays will incur the usual tuitions as childcare is readily available.  

All families with children who are funded by the government or otherwise will have the effective date for services rendered determined by the agency of payment.

We will charge $25.00 for your returned check.  Childcare will be terminated until fees are paid.  

There will be a late fee charge of $3.00 for every 5 minutes you are late in picking up your child after 5:30 p.m.  The fee is payable to the staff member on duty at the time of pick up.

It is important that each parent or guardian bring the child to the door and sign him or her in and out on the sign-in-sheet.  Full signatures are required.  Children need to be picked up at the agreed time.  If this is not possible, then please make arrangements for another authorized person to come for your child.   ALL PERSONS PICKING UP CHILDREN  MUST HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION.

The department has the authority to interview child/children or staff, and can inspect and audit child or facility records without prior consent.  The licensee shall make provisions for private interviews with the children or staff member, and for the examination of all records relating to the operation of the facility.

The Department of licensing Agency shall have authority to observe the physical condition of the child/children, including conditions which would indicate abuse, neglect or inappropriate placement, and to have a licensed medical professional physically examine the child/children.


Parents understand that they have the right to call or write the licensing agency if fault is found in the operation of the facility or treatment of their child.


Community Care Licensing

101 Gold Course Drive, Suite A-230

Rohnert Park, CA 94928-1718

Parents understand that they have the right to visit and observe the school anytime their child is in the School's care.

Welcome to our blessed place of learning!

Sincerely,  Tina Persaud - MAT

We/I understand, and agree to the conditions of this admission agreement and to the admission of:

___________________________________   to Young World of Learning.  

We have received a Parent Handbook.

Parent/Child Representative:  ______________________________________

Director: _____________________________________________

Date: _____________________

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